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Rates For Mail Service Center

Rates for Mail Forwarding Customers only
(local customer rates at bottom of page)

Mailbox Rental (Personal or Business Use)

3 Months $ 60.00
6Months $ 120.00
1 Year $ 240.00

Special Offer
Rent 1 year - get 3 months free
Total 15 months for $240.00

Mail Forwarding

There is a $5.00 service charge, plus postage each time we forward your mail to you.
** all funds are listed in US dollars.

Exception: Anything weighing 1 pound – 5 pounds (0.453 kg – 2.27 kg ) mailed through the United States Postal Service will incur a US$10 service charge. Anything weighing 5 pounds - 10 pounds (2.27 kg – 4.54 kg) will incur a service charge of US$15. Packages weighing over 10 pounds (4.54 kg) will incur a US$15 service charge + packaging/boxing.

This is due to the amount of extra time needed to go to the post office and the filling out of the paperwork required by the Post Office to mail an item over 1 pound. Our FedEx rates are generally lower than the Post Office and we ship most packages via FedEx to save money.

Rates for local walk-in customers

Local customers have a choice of 3 box sizes.

Small box (personal use or business use)

3 months $ 60.00
6 months $ 120.00
1 year $ 240.00

Medium box (personal or business use)

3 months $ 75.00
6 months $ 150.00
1 year $ 300.00

Large box (personal or business use)

3 months $ 90.00
6 months $ 180.00
1 year $ 360.00

There is a $10 refundable key deposit on all local boxes.

Opening Mail, Order Processing and Bank Deposits

If your business is not located in the United States it can be time consuming to receive orders in Los Angeles and then wait until the mail arrives in your country. Mail Service Center can open your mail as it comes in, fax or e-mail the contents to you and make the bank deposit locally.(you are responsible for opening your bank account). You can process your customers orders the same day received in Los Angeles.

We can also deposit checks that come to you personally, saving you time.

- US$ 1 per letter opened and faxed to you (first page). Each additional page is US$0.25.
- US$10 per bank deposit. We can make your deposits at Citibank, Bank of America, US Bank and Wells Fargo Bank.

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