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India Postal Address and Mail Forwarding

Receive the same high quality postal services in India.

Your address will appear as follows:

MonaLisha Industries Pvt. Ltd.
3rd Floor, Flat# T4
4384/4A Ansari Road
New Delhi 110002

Prices are quoted in US Dollars:

3 month rental - US $60
6 month rental - US $120
1 year rental - US $240 (if you pay 1 year in advance you will receive 3 months free. 15 months for US$180)

We will forward your mail anywhere in the world. Mail is normally forwarded each Friday and there is a US$5 service change, plus postage each time we forward your mail.

Please e-mail us for any special needs you might have.

Contact us at:

e-mail: NewDelhi@mailservicecenter.com

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