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Buy In USA

Think of Mail Service Center as your personal shopper.

Most websites don't ship outside of the USA, but they will ship to our Los Angeles,
California address. We'll send your purchases to you the same day they arrive at
our facility, via Fed Ex or USPS (United States Postal Service).

Mail Service Center is a Fed Ex Authorized Shipping Location
and is registered with the United States Postal Service as a CMRA
(Commercial Mail Receiving Service)


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Need something not sold online? Ask us and we can go to a store and buy it for you.

There Are 2 Ways To Order Online:

1. If you are already a Mail Box customer, simply go online and ship to your Los Angeles address.

2. If This Is A One-Time Purchase, simply follow this procedure:

  • Contact Us At buy@MailServiceCenter.com to tell us that you are ordering something. We will need your name before you order.
  • Go online, using your own credit card or Visa/MasterCard Gift Card and have the item (s) shipped to:

    • Your Name
      8721 Santa Monica Boulevard
      Los Angeles CA 90069 USA
      Phone: + 1 310 652 6921
    • NOTE: If the online merchant won't accept your credit card, we can buy the item (s) for you

How It Works If We Buy For You:

  1. Send us the link of what you want to buy and your shipping address (we need the shipping address in your country to calculate the FedEx or postage)

  2. We'll give you the total price, including shipping and taxes to your home or office.

  3. You will need to pay us before we order. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer (add US$10 to cover bank fees), Visa or MasterCard Gift Cards, or Western Union/MoneyGram (sorry, no credit cards allowed for one-time customers). (You are responsible for any customs or duty fee in your country)

Our Service Fees:

Shipping Via FedEx: Fee is US$10 + FedEx shipping charges. Because of our large volume with FedEx, we pass our 20% discount to you with Fed Ex shipping.

Shipping via USPS: Fee is US$10 per US$100 value of items ordered. Minimum fee is US$20 + postage.

Why is the cost higher via the Post Office? If shipping via the Post Office, we must send someone with your package to the Post Office, queue up, fill out customs forms. FedEx picks up at our facility each day, allowing faster processing of your purchases.


We will combine multiple purchases, from different websites or stores into one pac

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